A new superstore with unique and engaging environments

The new 2500 m² CONAD Superstore, a leading brand in the Italian food sector, was recently built in the I Giardini del Sole shopping mall as part of a local redevelopment project.

Our customer sought a partner company to collaborate on designing and building a new retail store. Their objective was to create a point of sale that combines innovation and technology with a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, offering various services and showcasing their own locally-produced deli foods. The challenge for ITAB was to design store departments with a large surface area while maintaining the atmosphere of a smaller convenience store.

From vision to reality with
Solution Design

Our Solution Design team successfully transformed the customer’s vision into a global project, involving the entire interior, lighting and setting concepts of the store. This included food preparation areas, the non-prescription pharmacy, the coffee shop, and the external facade. The attention to design details is a key strenght of this store, made even more captivating and thrilling by the unique light fixtures tailored to each individual area.

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Dynamic store design

The finishes and colours of the materials are inspired by the products on display; combined with high-impact settings, such as in the Sushi, Fruit and Vegetable and Pet departments, they offer ever-changing points of contact for an engaging shopping experience throughout the shop. ITAB’s contribution to the implementation of this concept included the supply of furniture, checkout counters, lighting and entrance gates, assisting the customer throughout the installation process all the way to the opening of the store.

Strongly characterised and personalised areas

We structured our design approach around a “shop in shop” concept, with each area featuring specific furniture and lighting to enhance the consumer experience. The fresh produce department is divided into areas where customers are served over counters placed along the perimeter, with promotional take-away bins positioned opposite each section. Open-plan workshops are included, except for the bakery, which has an enclosed workshop for safety reasons. Located at the entrance, the fruit and vegetable department features four double-sided display islands with high visual impact umbrellas, creating a typical fruit and vegetable market vibe and enhancing the department’s distinctive character.

The wine shop stands out for its bottle green wooden shelves and brick cladding, designed to create a cosy atmosphere. The dedicated sushi area is also highly personalised with a ceiling design evocative of a real hosomaki dish. As consumers continue through the shop, they encounter 12 display aisles, two of which are particularly distinctive: the pet food aisle, with its green ceiling, wooden shelves, and circular light fixtures for a garden-like effect, and the personal care and detergent department, featuring white backlit shelves and a mirror-finished ceiling with LED lights. The layout is completed by a non-prescription pharmacy located near the checkouts.

Enhancing the consumer experience through lighting design

ITAB’s designers’ main focus was on the synergy between physical shapes and light lines. The resulting lighting project has enhanced the different areas of the store, using track spotlights to create focused light spots, linear lighting fixtures to guide customers along the main pathways, and playing with shapes in some specific areas such as the perfumery, pet care and checkout areas.

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Intelligent logistics

Our customer opted for ITAB’s ESA assisted checkout counter. ESA goes beyond being just a checkout counter: it’s a fully modular system that can be quickly and easily assembled, requiring minimal components. Each checkout’s components can be individually packaged on a single pallet, streamlining storage and minimising transport costs.

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