Parma Supermarket - Bringing a fresh taste of Italy to Armenia

Parma Supermarket embarked on a journey to establish a novel retail concept, aiming to become the top destination in Armenia for lovers of exclusive, fresh, and premium Italian and European products.

Nestled in the heart of Yerevan, the capital city, this new 350 square meter store was envisioned as a tribute to Italian culinary culture.

Crafting an authentic Italian retail experience through Solution Design

To bring this vision to life and enrich the consumer journey with captivating Italian narratives, Parma Supermarket partnered closely with ITAB Solutions’ Design Team. Beginning with an in-depth assortment analysis, ITAB and Parma Supermarket collaborated to craft delightful, consumer-friendly pathways throughout the store, complemented by tasteful merchandise displays and functional storage solutions for the extensive range of Italian products.

The design process aimed to cultivate a distinct Italian ambiance across various product areas, ranging from wine and fresh produce to bakery delights and charcuterie. Our designers meticulously curated solutions for each setting, encompassing elements such as false ceilings, flooring, lighting, furnishings, graphics, and decorations.

The result is a retail environment that transports consumers to Italy, where the flavors and freshness of products reign supreme.

Enhancing merchandise areas and driving sales through Interior Design

Within the store, luminous signs guide consumers along well-defined paths, enhancing visibility and differentiation between various merchandise areas. Special emphasis was placed on the wine corner, featuring wood-effect stoneware flooring and subtle perimeter lighting that elegantly illuminates the walls, ceiling, and furnishings, creating a harmonious ambiance throughout the space. Similar indirect lighting runs along the entire perimeter of the store, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

The cheese section was meticulously designed to showcase Parmesan, utilizing a bespoke display system that accentuates its allure. Additionally, the introduction of a tree installation in the fruit and vegetable area serves as a natural and refreshing focal point, enhancing the overall sensory experience for shoppers.

Custom supermarket lighting solutions for an optimal consumer experience


The lighting scheme was thoughtfully curated to establish the perfect atmosphere, enhancing the overall consumer experience. Accent lighting highlights the freshness of produce, while LED light bars in the grocery area ensure optimal visibility and aesthetics.

In conclusion, Parma Supermarket’s collaboration with ITAB Solutions has resulted in the creation of a captivating retail environment that not only celebrates Italian culinary heritage but also elevates the overall experience for consumers in Armenia.

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