Self-serve choices

Interest in new and efficient checkout processes in-store has grown dramatically. With a self-checkout solution, a checkout facility can be always open. 

Greater consumer throughput at lower cost

At the checkout area, reducing queue time can lead to fewer walkouts and increased throughput. As consumer behaviour evolves, new self-checkout technology and systems emerge. ITAB stay abreast of these changes, to offer our customers the best solution for their particular store strategy. Operational efficiency can be improved, with colleagues being freed up from conventional checkout duties to assist and enhance service levels elsewhere in store.


Co-creating an enhanced self-checkout area

Understanding the consumer shopping experience in a customer’s store is key to providing the optimum self-checkout strategy. Using quantitative and qualitative consumer research and transaction analysis, we build a picture of a customer’s existing systems and the inherent pains and potential gains. This immersive process is followed by close collaboration with the customer to develop and evaluate potential solutions and, ultimately, to help the physical store satisfy the expectations of consumers.

Consumer choice at the checkout for Asda shoppers

The unique design and technology of the checkout delivered for Asda were developed in close collaboration between Asda, ITAB and our technology partners. Asda’s ‘checkout of the future’ feels like a manned checkout, but is also a self-service solution, with the consumer experiencing a more relaxed packing and payment process. The consumers are served by a cashier who scans the products at the start of the belt, but they pack the products themselves and pay via a self-service terminal at their own pace.