Improving service efficiencies and increasing flow

Creating a seamless consumer journey that increases throughput and improves the service offer and efficiencies.

Efficiency models drive increased conversion and reduce costs

Through collation of consumer data and analysis of efficiency models, we support our customers to interpret raw data into solutions that improve efficiency services and reduce operating costs. Efficiency studies aid customers to reduce time spent on non-value add activities. As a result, impulse and add-on sales are increased and maximised to full potential.


Drive improved service through efficiency models

By exploring and analysing the full end-to-end journey of both consumers and colleagues, we identify areas of improvement. Through mapping consumer missions, identifying pattern behaviour and process mapping, we co-create solutions that improve overall service efficiencies and consumer satisfaction.

Coupled with obtaining raw customer data and collaborating with our specialist eco-partners, we interpret our findings to best support customer strategy, specific briefs and future business cases.

Improved service offer and operational efficiency for Costa

ITAB partnered with Costa to develop their ‘Store of the Future’ concept. The aim was to improve the consumer environmentand service offer, and to create a suite of components to fit any store space. Improving the operation efficiency and optimising space was key to achieving a smaller format benchmark to be scalable across the UK.

An enticing journey now encourages browsing of food and beverage, while informing on the product and environmental impact. Customers can order in advance, ‘click & collect’ or walk in to improve overall efficiency and reduce time to be served.

Counter layout was optimised to improve drink creation times, allowing staff movement to be reduced. Full time and motion studies were then carried out to develop the solution further.

Creating a point of difference against the competition, and a faster, more efficient order and collection model will become a key differentiator in a crowded market, leading to an increase at point of purchase.

Solution Design

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Solution Design