• Health and Safety
  • Skills development and career opportunities
  • Equality and diversity
  • Good conditions in the supplier stage

People are central to everything we do at ITAB, our employees are our principal asset, and we believe in taking meaningful action to be a responsible employer that attracts, retains and develops talent. ITAB aims to offer a pleasant and attractive workplace characterised by good working conditions, equal opportunities and a safe and healthy environment. ITAB’s Code of Conduct lays down the fundamentals for all employees to respect human rights in line with international conventions.


At the start of 2020, a new organisational structure was launched to support ITAB’s transformation. In conjunction with this, a new and expanded Group management was appointed, where HR is represented through the role of Senior Vice President, People & Culture. In this way, we want to provide renewed and reinforced focus in areas such as diversity work and equality issues.

All management forums within ITAB must be represented by HR. These individuals will meet regularly in a matrix forum, and will all have responsibility for specific issues. ITAB is now setting its sights on a more equal and multi-faceted Group.

“We are now building the People & Culture organisation in order to further strengthen ITAB to help it be an attractive workplace.”

Pernilla Lorentzon
Senior Vice President People & Culture


At present, approximately 28 percent of the Group’s workforce is made up of women and 72 percent of men. The management teams in the Group’s subsidiaries comprise 126 persons from 24 countries, of whom 25 (20 percent) are women.

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The average number of employees amounted to 2,930 in 2021. Approximately 50 percent of the Group’s total number of employees work in China, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the UK and Germany.

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For us as a manufacturing company, it is important to ensure that consideration is given to various sustainability aspects throughout the value chain. For this reason, ITAB’s responsibility also extends to ensuring good conditions for the company’s supplier chain. The Group’s companies mainly use suppliers with operations in Europe. A new Sustainable Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct were developed in 2021 and more can be read in the Efficiency in the Value Chain section of the Sustainability report.

Each company within ITAB has its own guidelines and policies that regulate the demands placed on suppliers. Since 2017, a new Group-wide supplier policy has also been used. This policy applies to all companies in the Group and establishes fundamental criteria for all of ITAB’s suppliers.

The ITAB Group has around 4,700 suppliers, and work relating to reviewing and consolidating these suppliers has been launched. As part of this work, ITAB has appointed a Head of Procurement during 2020 to drive and develop this work alongside the supplier base.’