Good working conditions

Individuals play a central role in all our endeavours at ITAB; our employees stand out as our primary asset.

We are committed to taking substantial measures to uphold our responsibility as an employer, actively striving to recruit, keep, and nurture talent. ITAB strives to provide welcoming and good working conditions, equal opportunities, and a safe and healthy environment.

Organisational structure creating opportunities for diversity work

At the start of 2020, a new organisational structure was launched to support ITAB’s transformation. In conjunction with this, a new and expanded Group management was appointed, where HR is represented through the role of Senior Vice President, People & Culture. In this way, we want to provide renewed and reinforced focus in areas such as diversity work and equality issues.

All management forums within ITAB must be represented by HR. These individuals will meet regularly in a matrix forum, and will all have responsibility for specific issues. ITAB is now setting its sights on a more equal and multi-faceted Group.

Equality & diversity

ITAB is actively pursuing a more equitable gender balance, recognising its contribution to fostering a positive work environment and a dynamic workplace. The average number of employees amounted to 2,553 in 2023. For 2023, 28 percent (27) of the workforce identified as female. Women in senior management comprised 25 percent, which was a 2 percentage points increase from 2022. Additionally, over 99 percent of Group employees underwent equality and diversity training.


In 2023 ITAB has seen an overall reduction of 1.3
percent points to 3.6 percent overall sick leave for the Group. Compared to the baseline in 2022, local units with higher rates of sick leave have been identified and the management teams in each respective country, working together with local and Group People & Culture representatives, have initiated action plans to address the high rates. These plans have resulted in the improvement of sick leave throughout the targeted countries. We will strive to improve these figures over the coming years.

Good working conditions in the supply chain

For us as a manufacturing company, it is important to ensure that consideration is given to various sustainability aspects throughout the value chain. For this reason, ITAB’s responsibility also extends to ensuring good conditions for the company’s supplier chain. The Group’s companies mainly use suppliers with operations in Europe. Throughout 2023, the Group’s category managers, working with the local procurement functions, have ensured that close to 1,500 supplier have signed ITAB Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct that was developed in 2021.

Supplier audits have been taking place in order to address our supply chain environmental and social risk management. ITAB has committed to all of the suppliers under category management to be audited by the end of 2025, with 50% of them completed in 2023.