Co-op Farringdon, hosted proposition

Co-op set out to deliver a new front-end ‘colleague hosted’ and 3rd party fulfilment service for their inner-city consumers. ITAB and Co-op co-created the new front end service proposition, which has been implemented in the Farringdon store in London. The new concept is delivering a speedier and more comprehensive service, improving consumer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Improved format development

Working closely with Co-op, ITAB designed and developed a scalable and more efficient layout for smaller format stores. Through immersive working sessions the joint team were able to develop a formula that supports floating colleagues, provides greater visibility, and maintains consumer flow during busy periods throughout the day.


Flexible, scalable, and innovative furniture design

By walking the end-to-end journey through the lens of consumers, ITAB supported Co-op in improving the consumer journey and developing furniture suitable for high volume roll out. Through solution design, Co-op eased consumer selection, reduced stress at point of payment, and improved conversion by heightening impulse options

More on Solution Design

Considered ergonomics eases consumer journey

Through deep dive analysis of how consumers use space, ITAB was able to influence improved ergonomics and support Co-op in developing new self-serve till furniture. By improving visual cues, raising merchandise to eye level, and redesigning the bag dispensing solution, Co-op eased the consumer journey and reduced stress at the point of payment.

Clear navigation and choice for consumers

Clean and clear signage was applied across the checkout area to guide consumers on making the right choice for their transaction and service needs. Both high level and product level signage was addressed to better inform and guide consumers.

Consumer interaction systems


Flow management and greater impulse

Queue management solutions supported the new consumer signage, encouraging adoption and improving flow. This also allowed for in-queue merchandising (IQM), providing further sales opportunity through impulse and last-minute item offers.