A more efficient store that is appreciated by consumers

Co-creating solutions with Jumbo for improved operational efficiencies and better service, alongside reduced operational costs, when developing the new store concept.

Frees resource for value-adding services

At Jumbo, kindness costs nothing. They will do everything they can to make their consumers’ shopping as pleasant as possible. One of the important keys in this project was to find a solution that reduced operational cost and freed up resources for more value-adding services.

As one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Jumbo meets a wide variety of consumer needs and works with plenty of different formats. Whether visiting one of Jumbo’s supermarkets, convenience stores or choosing to pick up the pre-packaged food at a pick-up point, the experience should have a clear Jumbo signature of kindness and efficiency to create recognition among consumers.

Smooth shopping starts as soon as the consumer enters

With a strong omnichannel strategy, the goal for us was to find a cost-effective store layout, checkouts and customer guidance solutions to implement in the various formats, but still in a brand-aligned, sustainable and cost-efficient way.

Vital for the concept was to free resources for value-adding services for consumers and to improve operational efficiency, areas that we have extensive expertise in.

Smooth shopping at Jumbo starts as soon as the consumers enter the store. A spacious and logical layout of the store, efficient checkout, wide aisles and well-trained employees ensures a high level of service and allows consumers to shop easily.

Cost-efficient implementation of the new shop concept

With help from our Solution Design team the branded retail interior with customised checkouts and self checkouts was created quickly. One of the key factors for success in the project was that everything could be efficiently produced and transported, ensuring rapid implementation on location and yet meeting the requirements of the recognisable look and feel of Jumbo, regardless of store format.

Co-creating solutions with our customers, always with the end consumer in mind, we understand the need for a streamlined, economical and quick implementation of a new shop concept.

The result was a successful installation of different, sustainable, but still brand-aligned, store layouts within a short timeframe. Together we managed to do it in a cost-effective way.

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