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Our Digital range supports solutions from the moment consumers enter the store and throughout their shopping experience until they have checked out and picked up their products with a smile.

It includes full Checkout Arena solutions with seamless self-checkout technology and guidance as well as several new Digital product lines that combine to create our @storesolutions offer. 

A great way to learn more is to visit our Showroom, the EuroShop play list or to contact your nearest ITAB office for more information.

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Meet the world’s first truly wireless system for all in-store experience needs. An excellent solution, combining professional lighting, sound and images in one system. Piri helps you create experience zones, both physical zones and time zones, to give customers the right impressions and messages.

Simple wireless perfection

All units are wireless, so you can chance the experience in a flash. No cables. No time-consuming settings. You control everything easily with a remote control. Piri transforms your store into a delight for all the senses, and is cost-efficient.

Visit the Piri web site here

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Smart Fittings™

Interiors with integrated intelligence

A digitised store that activates and guides consumers’ purchasing decisions has long been a hot topic in the retail trade.

We have now acted on these ideas and developed cost-efficient, user-friendly plug-and-play solutions with integrated intelligence to improve the customer experience and sales.

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Endless aisle

The digital shelf can both expand business and add value to the shopping experience. A digital shelf allows your business to design and implement a dynamic, flexible and interactive approach to product presentation and sales. You can for instance:

  • Present in-depth product information
  • Let customer compare alternatives side-by-side (like a webshop)
  • Show alternative variants or package sizes available but not exhibited in shelf
  • Fit a much wider range of products offered in considerably less space
  • Avoid security issues around stealth-prone goods
  • Create an real omni-channel experience; Connect, coordinate and integrate Online and Offline business
  • Screen-order in store for home delivery (or Click & Collect parcel pickup station).

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Click & Collect Grocery

We are now introducing a Click & Collect solution for groceries. Using Click & Collect Grocery, your online customers can choose to collect all their groceries, including hot or frozen goods, from a locked collection locker. They no longer need to be at home for deliveries. They can choose to collect their goods themselves when it suits them best. ITAB’s new temperature-controlled Click & Collect lockers for groceries are the world’s first device able to store dry, cold and frozen groceries.

  • Click & Collect lockers can be located in-store – or in any other suitable place, even outside as they cope with all weather conditions
  • The lockers can be placed in locations where you do not have a physical store, which means that you can expand your market area
  • Lower costs than for home delivery as all goods are delivered to one location rather than many different ones

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Click, Collect & Return Fashion

Today 65% of customers order their clothes online, but want to collect them in-store. They have previously had to put up with the same queues as other customers, but with our lockable Click & Collect, Return Fashion system the process is smoother.

  • Automated lockers offer a different level of service, permitting customers to collect or return goods in-store without the need to queue at a checkout.
  • This creates a more seamless experience between online and in-store.
  • Shorter queues and improved service by offering a separate area for customers collecting online orders

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Pick & Go with AirFLOW

Future of Self Check is in the air, we call it AirFlow

After our ground-breaking EasyFlow/HyperFlow automatic self-checkouts, ITAB is now moving to the next level. Items are checked out automatically when you pick them off the shelf. 

This is our next strategic step to make stores about service and experience rather than scanning.

See the AirFLOW film here


For more information about AirFLOW, please contact your nearest ITAB sales office 


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Call Forward Fashion

With our Call Forward System for the fitting room, your customers can book a time in the fitting room with the staff and continue shopping instead of queuing. When a fitting room becomes vacant, or the reserved time approaches, the customer receives a message on a screen or via their mobile. Their clothes are then ready in the fitting room when they arrive, along with recommendations for matching accessories from the assistant.

  • Optimizes fitting room capacity and reduces waiting
  • More choice - in larger stores with fitting rooms in several places, alternative fitting rooms can be offered
  • Improves personalized service
  • Opportunities to increase cross-selling in the interaction with the customer

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Call Forward Ordering Point

A call forward system with interactive ordering suitable for fast food and restaurant environments. The interactive ordering point minimizes queues at the counter and gives the customer a good overview of the menu options.

  • Increased sales with a more engaging menu
  • Digital menu simplifies campaign presentations
  • Increases capacity and throughput at peak times
  • Improves customer perception of waiting time

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Maximum profitability in your best sales area

In Queue Merchandising (IQM) increases the chances of your customers making impulse purchases in a queue situation as goods at the checkout have a magical power of attraction.

Our IQM solutions are flexible, modular shelf systems for optimized product exposure at the checkout. They are a natural extension of our checkouts and other customer flow products.

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