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ITAB had the opportunity to design both the checkout area and the overall lighting concept for the customer.

Consumer-driven experiences for exclusive brand image

In mid-August 2020, a new grocery store was opened in Braunschweig, Germany: 3.800 m² of first-class quality with a focus on regionally produced goods.

To stand out in the competitive German grocery market, you need to differentiate yourself. For this brand, It Is high quality, exclusivity, and goods and experiences that drive their consumers’ demands. A new store opening must not fall short of their consumers’ expectations.

Analysing flow and lighting impact

When it comes to the checkout area, it is important to consider more than simply the sort of checkouts. Researching efficiency, customer flow, positioning, space, guidance and visual merchandising is critical.

When a natural consumer journey is created, you increase the likelihood that more products will be added to their basket, increasing the average number of articles per purchase. After analysing the expected consumer flow, we realised that a combination of both conventional checkouts and self-checkouts would deliver the desired outcome.

To limit access to goods near the self-checkouts, it was important to prevent backflow into the store. Automatic gates were therefore designed to work as a psychological barrier and for consumers’ safety.

Our lighting design missions were to support the customer journey and create the desired experience in different areas. Attractive and sales-promoting presentation is always a priority. To achieve this in food can be tricky but different colour temperatures and beam angles help to present areas like meat, fish, organics, fruit & vegetables in the best way. Seamless and homogenous lighting in the aisles optimally illuminates the shelves. Glare-free fixtures were used in the checkout arena design. Special areas are highlighted by decorative lighting from our network of partners to provide the perfect visual effect.

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A coherent and satisfying experience

The result is a high-quality grocery experience that consumers return to, again and again. The lighting concept brings cohesion throughout the store while presenting highlights and special areas that spice up the journey, ending in a perfectly integrated checkout arena where every single detail has been carefully chosen. No more unnecessary queues or last-minute drops for these consumers!


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