Interactive selfie mirror engages H&M’s consumers

The selfie mirror and its innovative retail technology engage and excite H&M’s consumers. This new way to interact creates a fun omnichannel experience.

The selfie mirror a part of innovative retail technology

The selfie mirror materialized when H&M reached out to discuss an innovative solution to excite their consumers. They wanted to do something special to get worldwide publicity and bring focus to their omnichannel sales.

The combination of technology became an innovation

When we dug into the selfie mirror project, our digital experts from Ombori researched ways to use the latest technology to engage, generate leads and create omnichannel experiences in a physical and innovative way.

The research identified different benefits from several innovations, that could all be useful in physical environments: sensors, smart voice control, integrated camera, for example. When all these were put together and combined with AI and mobile device connections, the magic happened. We were now able to connect online and physical consumer behavior into a new experience.

Instore retail innovation for omnichannel experiences

The result was the interactive selfie mirror. By detecting movement, it interacts with the consumer via voice and digital media. The consumers get visualised fashion inspiration from the latest looks and products, which can all be explored further via a QR code which, when scanned, enables the consumer to continue the experience on their phone.

The selfie mirror has engaged 8 million people in the press

The selfie mirror’s main feature is a nod to the social media generation. With a selfie camera using AI, the consumer can create their very own H&M magazine cover. A QR interaction then invites the consumer to download the cover to their phone and share it on social media. When finished, the mirror invites the consumer to sign up for the H&M newsletter.

And the result? Today, the selfie mirror has received press coverage in more than 25 countries, which has been read by over 8 million people. 86% of customers that used the mirror scanned the QR code and another 10% signed up for the newsletter*.

*Stats from 2020.

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