Fresh food experience drives increased sales

Iper, an Italian hypermarket chain, tests new concepts to take advantage of local consumer needs and increase their sales.

Urban consumers drive innovation

To benefit from consumers’ local consumption behavior, Iper wanted to evaluate if local supermarkets, with an updated format and offer, could help to grow their conversions and sales.

Design focusing on retaining brand awareness

The concept was based on analyzing trends and researching the market. When we went to the design phase, one of the challenges discussed was how to retain brand awareness in such a small format. without compromising consumer flow and smart merchandising.

An attractive food concept

As expected from the reduced but thoughtful layout, the urban consumers appreciate the brand’s adoption of the flexible food trend. The brand experience has been packaged as an offer that covers ‘food to go’ and ‘food for later’ propositions. This new food court proposition for Iper Monza has helped increase conversions and uplifted sales within their food offer.

A smooth and distinctive checkout

As the checkout phase is critical for the complete experience, this area is carefully designed to increase throughput, reducing queues and walkouts. To improve the area further, automatic gates are written into the design for a more seamless experience.

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