The technology platform that enables meaningful and personalised in-store consumer experiences through the power of data-driven insights and an integrated ecosystem of digital touch-points.

Overcoming roadblocks

In today’s retail landscape, meeting consumers’ desire for seamless, personalized shopping journeys has become a significant challenge. The disjointed touchpoints within retailers’ organizations lead to a mismatch between shoppers’ expectations and their actual experiences. Consumers engage with retailers through various channels, expecting continuity across interactions, transactions, brand experiences, and product choices. Balancing personalization with privacy is also crucial, with research revealing that while 70% of consumers want personalized shopping experiences, 80% are concerned about privacy intrusions.

OnRed case study

Introducing OnRed

To address these challenges, retailers need a robust platform like OnRed, designed from a retail-focused perspective with the overarching objective of solving consumers’ problems. OnRed offers seamless integration of disparate components within a retailer’s complex infrastructure, delivering meaningful results for consumers and a clear return on investment for retailers.

  Create an improved in-store consumer experience

  Increase revenue per consumer

  Improve knowledge on consumer behaviour

  Make more informed decisions


Co-Creation and Ecosystem of partners

OnRed’s agnostic nature fosters co-creation together with retailers in-house teams and ITABs ecosystem of partners. The platform can accommodate multiple suppliers, services, and languages, making it suitable for diverse retail environments, enabling personalised and rich consumer experiences without compromising privacy.

Unlocking actionable insights with AI

OnRed’s adoption of state-of-the-art AI capabilities enhances its ability to deliver actionable insights. Retailers can determine true customer preferences, predict market changes, forecast demand, and utilize up-selling and cross-selling strategies. This data-led decision-making strengthens consumer relationships and maximizes sales, yield, and profits for retailers.

AI Partnership


Workarounds for seamless integration

OnRed offers workarounds to ensure seamless integrations between all product types and systems. By overcoming historical integration challenges, retailers can easily integrate their various solutions and touchpoints, resulting in enhanced shopping experiences for consumers.

Creating an evolving roadmap

Implementing solutions that span multiple touchpoints and devices might seem daunting, but OnRed’s phased approach ensures a clear return on investment at each integration stage. This approach creates an evolving roadmap, adding ongoing value as data sharing becomes richer.

Leveraging existing investments

OnRed’s evolutionary strategy aligns with retailers’ existing investments, eliminating the need for costly replacements. The platform collaborates closely with retailers to design personalised roadmaps, catering to unique needs and challenges.

Unlock the future

OnRed presents a powerful proposition for retailers seeking to enrich consumer experiences and drive revenue growth. By overcoming roadblocks to seamless consumer experiences, OnRed empowers retailers to meet increasing consumer demands while respecting privacy concerns. Experience the future of retail with OnRed’s integrated platform and unlock the true potential of personalised, frictionless shopping journeys.


OnRed case study