A shop concept to deliver the “little extra”

Excellent customer experiences are at the heart of what we do at ITAB, and for our client Alko. Alko’s shop concept aims to reflect their world-class consumer service, and at the same time highlight their focus on sustainable, local choices.

Making 300 stores consistent

With a service network including 360 stores, around 130 pick-up locations, an online store and a mobile app, the consumer has a number of ways to interact with the Finnish premium liquor store. An important challenge for us in this project was to deliver the same feeling in all locations, no matter the size or appearance of the store’s physical environment.

Experience and service in focus

When starting the project, development of customer experiences and smoother customer service were important. ITAB’s experienced Solution Design Team began with careful analysis work to figure out how to best create a common brand feeling, how to offer the same service and shop concept across the diversity of Alko stores, no matter the store’s size.

The solution we came up with includes flexible, layout plans and customized furniture in a unique mixture of wood and metal, with a modular design to reduce installation costs. We selected material carefully to deliver the desired high-end feeling without compromising on sustainability or quality.

Flexible layout

As one of Alko’s selected suppliers, we don’t just design the solutions. We build, deliver and install the interiors and lighting in all the stores, to ensure that the consumer gets the same brand experience when it comes to shop interior, whichever store they visit.

Being a selected supplier also enables rapid product development as new needs arise. That way, we help Alko focus on their brand experience and all-important customer service.

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