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Connected Maintenance Services

We prioritise boosting uptime and lessening customer disruptions caused by equipment failures, leading to lower operational costs and overall ownership expenses throughout the equipment’s lifespan.

Maintaining in-store equipment in top condition minimises wear and tear, reducing the need for premature replacements and thereby lowering CAPEX over time. Our tailored Connected Maintenance Service Packages are managed through our Connected Services Platform, enabling customers to directly submit service requests and offering complete visibility of service call progress until resolution.

Asset management & equipment training

We provide a complete record and visibility of all equipment assets installed through ITABS Connected Service Platform and offer training for your colleagues to ensure safe and efficient use of the equipment.

First level support

Our technical first level service help desk serves as the first line of protection. We diagnose issues, provide initial assistance, and then evaluate the quickest and most efficient solution to initiate a timely fix.

Preventative maintenance

We offer a tailored program plan for monitoring, inspections, and maintenance, customised to each retailer's needs to prevent equipment downtime, ensuring equipment remains safe and efficient while minimising costly emergency callouts. Through ITAB’s Connected Services Platform, clients have full control and visibility of maintenance schedules and reports.

Reactive maintenance

We promptly address issues reported by store colleagues who can activate service requests through ITAB's Connected Services Platform. Our local expert engineers, with access to spare parts, resolve these issues within service level limits. Clients have complete control and visibility of service visits and reports via the Connected Services Platform.