Constant retail innovation results in satisfied consumers for Apotek Hjärtat

To stay attractive to the market, Apotek Hjärtat continuously look for new ways to serve their consumers.

Changes require service

The pharmacy market in Sweden has changed rapidly during the last few years. To stay attractive in a competitive market, Apotek Hjärtat continuously look at how to serve their consumers better. With a vision of being market leaders, staying up to date plays an important role.

Collaboration enables quick changes

In recent years the brand has chosen to collaborate with ITAB. As partners we support with ongoing trend analysis and bi-weekly discussions. Apotek Hjärtat can then quickly identify changes in consumer behaviours and decide about helpful innovations. Value-adding solutions can then be quickly brought to market.

Click and Collect and backend solutions

Some recent innovations are: back-end medical solutions to increase employee performance and to deliver faster service; consumer interaction systems; and a Click and Collect delivery system. According to a consumer satisfaction survey, the efforts have delivered results – more satisfied and returning consumers!

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