A new Leroy Merlin DIY store

The construction of a new Do-It-Yourself store in Ancona, Italy, was of strategic importance for Leroy Merlin, a leader in the sector.

DIY consumers and the desire to create

What unifies Leroy Merlin’s consumers is the desire to create. With different levels of knowledge, they want to be inspired and guided in the best possible way.

To meet this need, Leroy Merlin required a concept that reinforced their know-how, quality and innovation, and communicated it to their shoppers. But one that also would support their mission to create an understanding and respect for the environment, people and resources through responsible consumption.

Customised concept with consumer guidance in focus

ITAB worked with Leroy Merlin to develop the new concept, which was based on guiding the consumer to help them find what they were looking for in the best possible way.

A great deal of thought and consideration was put into display, visibility and fast updating of the product and its information. This resulted in a modular shelving system designed especially to integrate educational communication and departmental signs. The environmental needs of the area were also an important factor, such as the anti-seismic structures and the use of a galvanized rack shelving system with integrated canopies, which solved the needs for displaying products for outdoor construction.

To enhance the retailer’s “know-how”, considerable importance was given to the workshop spaces design and location at strategic points along the journey.

The consumer flow was supported by automated gates with disabled access. Customised self-checkouts provided choice and convenience, and contributed to improving both the shopping and brand experience.

Stronger consumer brand experience

By understanding their consumers’ needs and analysing their expectations together, ITAB was able to support Leroy Merlin and help them to satisfy the expectations of their shoppers. The enhanced visual communication in the workshop and service areas strengthen the message and awareness its core strengths in terms of know-how, innovation and quality. In addition, the brand experience was enhanced by the bespoke self-checkouts – with an efficient SCO area, queues and waiting times will be reduced to a minimum, creating a more positive shopping experience.

Improved operational efficiency and service

To get maximum throughput in the checkout zone, the customised self-checkouts increase both efficiency and service. The latest technology makes the checkout process easy and secure for the consumers. As one attendant can manage several SCO units, the throughput per staff will increase and they can spend more time giving a more personal service to shoppers.

Better together

For Leroy Merlin, a strong partnership with a supplier is as important as the price and quality of a product. With the rolling plan of opening one new store per year, as well as several renovations, ITAB appreciated once again be a part of their journey.

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